If You’re Too Busy to Meditate …

A good take on mediation. Where do you find the time to listen to yourself. The will to sit, patience, focus and the power to forget.




Gamification and Social Good

Gamification is no longer a buzz word – The other day I came upon a novel application of the Gamification concept to solve real life problems.

Research work at the Minnesota University shows how Kinect can help detect autism. Kinect – a motion sensing techonology developed by Microsoft for its gaming device XBOX has been put to good use in an experiment at the universities Institute of Child Development as reported by NewsScientist.

The potential for applying Gamification techniques in industries such as Healthcare has already attracted many new fitness start-ups while matured players are delving deep into research mode for commercial applications.

But beyond aiming to bridge the human-machine interface and cash in on potential business opportunities, the application of these technologies, can help improve the lives of many challenged individuals. Research Institutes and Governments can help evangelize research into such areas which lead to Social Good.