The Mobile Browser Dominates in Emerging Markets

The Mobile Browser Dominates in Emerging Markets –


Blog Strategy – Embryo

Q1. Should this blog exist?

Q2. Why should this blog exist?

The answer to the first question is ‘yes’. (at least at this stage)

However the second question invites good research, deep thought and pure inspiration!

100 million – this is the number of blogs on the roll as per a 2005 Blog Herald survey – a seemingly big number. Even if we were to discount the inactive blogs and others – one cannot help but appreciate that power of ‘blogging’ phenomenon.

The reasons for blogging may be many (as you are already aware of – if not google God’s always at hand) – but one prime reason that i can see – and a common one for all is to ‘live outside oneself‘. This could take different dimensions from person to person:

  • sharing one’s inner creativity
  • social interaction
  • trying to make a difference
  • making money
  • helping people
  • sharing Ideas
  • creating a forum network
  • plain simple ego satisfaction
  • … or
  • creating a virtual life

So where do I go from here >

At this point, Somebody inside tells me that Q1 should have actually come after Q2?

Thinking aloud, generally people are born first – and the purpose of existence unfolds later – Origin means Birth – and Purpose means Life!

In this virtual life i suppose, this blog is still in the embryonic stage – and to progress to the next stage – the birth – the embryo needs to be fed, nourished, nurtured in a definite direction – The direction of the ORIGIN.

It’s a long way to go – but i intend to put down my ramblings here – and the purpose will follow…

One thing i am sure though is – this is going to be a process – a process involving freedom of choices, of thoughts, of directions …